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Those who stayed. A journey in Syria to the unknown revolution of the Kurds

New lecture from our trip down there in May 2018

When the refugees came to Denmark we turned the other way, down to those who stayed, those who did not knock on Europe's door, but stayed in Syria and Iraq and struggled to create countries it is good to live in. In our opinion, the real solution on the refugee problem, that we in Europe should support.

We crossed into the war zone, drove on the dusty roads of Syria, visited the brave young women at the front, lived with hospitable families, and talked to the leaders.
We discovered the unknown revolution of the Kurds, the beginning of a new democratic society with equal rights for women and men, Arabs and Kurds, Christians and Muslims.
In our new lecture, take you to the Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria, which we last transited in May this year. You´ll meet the people that it is all about, you´ll see the destroyed cities, the stubborn reconstruction and everyday life, among other things. in the liberated Raqqa - party, smile and optimism in the mittel of a country in war.

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