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From Cape to Cairo on motorcycle. A Family trip trough Africa

The lecture is about the hardest journey we have made. 3 motorcycles, 24,000 km from Capetown to Cairo in six months. Emil was 17 years old and he is the youngest ever, to drive across Africa on motorcycle.

The roads were miserable and the situation in many places were very insecure and troubled.

But Africa is a beautiful and wonderful continent. Two of the lecture - and travel - climax are the visit to Himbaerne in Namibia and to the gorillas in Zaire. At Himba, we experienced a bit of the life of the indigenous people and their balance with nature, which is the opposite of poverty. And the visit to the gorillas, man's closest relatives in nature, was a family visit that made a deep impression.
The journey began in the small mountain country of Leshoto, further through South Africa, Namibia, Angola (where there was a small break in the twenty years of civil war), Zaire, a giant land of total dissolution, Uganda with AIDS, Kenya which received 100,000 starving Somalis, Ethiopia that just got rid of the communist dictatorship, Eritrea who, after a generation's war, was becoming independent, Sudan with the worst dictatorship and the friendliest population and finally to Africa's largest city of Cairo.
A two hour show with slides, including break, showcasing suits and other things from Africa, as well as questions and answers. We bring our own equipment, the organizer provides canvas and down lightning.

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