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A celebration and an exhausting high point of your life

I converted to Islam and took the name Aisha. Wearing islamic attire I joined the grand pilgrimage Hajj.
The lecture is accompanied by a show with photos and video clips from the ceremonies. It's a fantastic experience to see the more than three million pilgrims flow through the holy city of Mecca, which is a gathering point for all branches of Islam. We also visit the mosque in Medina, where the prophet Mohammed is buried, and we enter the holy mosque in Mecca, which all muslims in the world turn to when they pray. We go around the Kaaba with its legendary black stone. The journey continues to Mina, where the pilgrims stay in tents and the devil is stoned.
The pilgrimage is a celebration, an exhaustion and a high point in your life.
In this lecture I tell about a journey where I met the faithful from their best side.

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