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This page contains a selection of Hjalte's research from the last ten years.

Hjalte says
The state has been in the focus of my research. A first phase (1972-79) was the exploration of the development of the British state during the last thousand years, conducted with Thomas Stig Andersen and Jens Herskind at Roskilde University, resulting in three volumes:
"Statens Historie r 1000-2000" vol 1 (1976), vol 2 (1977) and vol 3 (1979) all available at Roskilde University Library.

In the second phase (1994-98) I turned the analysis of the state upside-down and explored how the state fractured in civil war. My main empirical emphasis was on South Africa. The result was a PhD-dissertation defended at the Center for Cultural Studies at the University of Aarhus in 1998.

In the third phase (1998-2003) I focused on the impact of emergency aid in civil wars. A major report was commisioned by the Foreign Ministry (Research council for development research) submitted in year 2000. I also studied emergency aid and civil war in Guinea Bissau. Published in Bissau (in Portuguese) in 2002.
My book "Hjlp1" (Help!)) with evidence and personal experiences from Somalia, Afghnistan and Kosovo, published 2003, rounded off my research on emergency aid.

On this page you may download my disertation, reports etc. in pdf-format.

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